About Cross Allegiance

Brief Introduction

Cross Allegiance is a ministry focused on spreading the good news (Gospel) of Jesus Christ in various creative ways, involving our everyday talents to illustrate His character as revealed in God's Word. We believe that all people need to put their faith in Jesus for forgiveness of sins and the inheritance of eternal life in Heaven. If you don't know Jesus yet, please consider that seriously. God loves you too much to ignore, and it's worth every bit of the sacrifice involved to follow Jesus in this life. Sow to the Spirit, and reap eternal life! Walk with Him through life -- you will never be the same, and you will never regret it. Know Jesus? Great! Let's seek revival through personal holiness, devotion to the Word and prayer, and most importantly, a deep love for God and others.




In 1999, I was involved in hosting a Christian show on cable television called 'Teen Scene'. Most of the outreach was furthered via email and website, as the Internet was becoming much more popular. While people ordered videos of the show here and there, a greater ministry impact was accomplished online. Several years later, the owners sold the television station, and God opened up an opportunity for me to host a Christian radio program called 'Resurrection Revolution'. However, even while doing radio, the idea to reach people for Jesus via video media in a very interactive and on-demand way was still on my mind. When YouTube became more popular, I began making videos to test out this online ministry, and in 2005, I started 'Encouraged Life', mainly from its own website. The response was quite favorable, and in 2007, through much prayer and effort, we restarted the same ministry idea as 'Cross Allegiance', where we did the same outreach and focused heavily on reaching people where they were online (e.g. on YouTube). Over the next few years, a Twitter outreach, our website, and our Facebook outreach started to blossom at different times. Wherever people are coming to know the Lord and people are being strengthened in their walk with Jesus, we'll aim to be there.


Ministry Focus


Optimal action in ministry is quite often best accomplished using the main gifts and abilities that God has given us. Some have evangelistic gifts, others have administrative gifts, others have service gifts, etc. All of these should be used to glorify God, to build up the Body of Christ (the Church), and to lead many to Jesus. As Jesus said, "The Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost" (Luke 19:10). Paul stated that the Gifts and various ministry callings are to be used to encourage the believer as well as to reach those in the midst who don't yet believe in Jesus (cf. Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12-14). We have this all in mind, and operating in wisdom, we try to operate within our strengths in giftings as much as possible. We also have a heavy emphasis on prayer. As my call is to preaching the Word and to prayer, I see both areas as extremely important. Prayer is an extremely valuable, yet underutilized resource that God has given us. If we're in the courts of Almighty God, and yet we don't ask Him for things, we're acting not as Princes and children of God, but rather Paupers who miss the point. God wants to bless us in various ways. At times, life is difficult -- God wants to sustain and to show Himself mighty. At times, life is very bountiful, and God again wants to show Himself mighty in our lives. We want to be faithful in presenting Jesus to others, seeking God the Father for His blessings and resources, and operating under the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we walk with Him and reach others.


Why Donate?


We're not 501(c)(3) at this time for the reason of wanting to have the freedom to be able to speak on issues that the Bible talks about without any hindrance, and currently, we feel that this is a fair route to take to accomplish that end. So any donations to this ministry are not tax-exempt. However, as it is a ministry dedicated to presenting Jesus to the world, God still promises to bless any funds given to His work. At this point, many things can be done to further our outreach. Funds to cover the website, recording equipment and materials, and hopefully soon, funds to make and release DVDs and evangelistic tracts are a huge help, especially as we hope to have this ministry fully-supported in the future. Later, funds for a place to meet on Sunday nights would also increase our reach locally, and funds to bless those who give their time and energy to this ministry would be ultimate goals, as it is fitting to feed those who labor in ministry. Currently, our budget is mainly out-of-pocket as we can afford.


Current Ministries


Sunday Night Prayer & Service, 7:30pm

Tuesday Night Prayer, 10:15pm

Wednesday Night Bible Study, 6:30pm


YouTube outreach

Twitter outreach

Facebook outreach