Cross Allegiance Bios

If you'd like to learn more about the faces behind the ministry, click on our names to the right. In addition to these bios, we'd like to thank all of the contributors as well as ministry core team members who have helped us in the past, or those who are helping in the present who prefer not to have a public biography or even 'special thanks' mention on our site.

Special thanks to:

Raj Rao (Evangelism Image contributions)

Zachary Buckler (Voiceovers and Filming)

Jeremy Chambers (Evangecube Videos)

Jed Kirk (Photography in 'Love Never Fails' video)

Sonstruck (Music in several Season 1 videos)

Nick Denty (Filming in several videos, including 'Great Exchange' and 'Way, Truth, Life')

Ken Strickland (Filming help in 'Great Exchange' and Prayer Team involvement)

Nick Hall (Evangelism Tour)