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Decisions & Prayer Requests

If you have decided that you want to follow Jesus and live for Him, let us know about your decision! We would love to help you grow and to encourage you in following God's calling on your life. Regarding prayer requests, let us know if you would like to pray with us for incoming requests. We pray through the week for the requests, and corporately, we pray for them on Tuesday and Sunday nights. Prayer is important fuel for ministry and life.


Want Sterling to Preach a Service or offer Pastoral Help?

Use the form on the left and select 'Request Preaching or Pastoral Services'. Sterling is an ordained pastor who often does pulpit supply, so feel free to ask if you need a hand.


Want to be on our Prayer Team?

We send out regular prayer emails. If you would like to pray, fill in the checkbox, 'Join Cross Allegiance's Prayer Team.' In that case, be sure also to enter your email address so we can send updates your way.


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There's an option for that on the form, too! Just be sure to leave your email address here, as well. We are planning to start our newsletter in December 2013, so sign up now. Again, we won't spam you. Hopefully we will only bless you!


What Translation do you typically use?

Where not translated directly from Hebrew and Greek text, our videos and tweets use various translations, from the New King James Version (Copyright 1982, Thomas Nelson, Inc.), King James Version (pub.), and the English Standard Version (Copyright 2011, Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers). We tend toward texts that remain faithfully tied to the original text of Scripture, so thus, literal rather than paraphrase translations are typically our choice of use.


Booking & Financial Support

We do evangelistic shows, feel free to contact us if you want us to be involved in a service, event, or show that points people to Jesus. We also are seeking to expand this ministry's evangelistic reach, so if you have been blessed by this ministry, feel free to donate to support this ministry financially.

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