Marius Oberholster

Everything good I've become is only by HIS grace.

The biggest success I would say was being truly saved in December of '08. HE set apart about three months to deal with me and show me HIS heart and it was amazing!

Since then it's been an adventure!

I've been blessed to help a friend master his second album and it (a song from it or the album itself, don't remember) reached nr 1 in San Francisco. HE's been my vocal coach and violin teacher for quite some time now and HE hasn't let up yet! HE's even allowed me the opportunity to cover a fantastic song by Juanita du Plessis, called Kom Na MY Toe (Come To ME) and post that on YouTube. (

HE's let me open a small business called Panther Dynamics ( and has helped me learn Blender, GIMP, Inkscape and a host of other apps to be able to make something of all the gifts HE's given.

There are other gifts HE gave to me that are not in the creative fields, but they are not the stronger gifts in me, though I'd still like them to make a difference in some way.

The highlight of 2011 was joining the CA team! Before that I was praying for some form of ministry and I even volunteered via e-mail at a local church, but HE wouldn't have it. Only CA worked out and I love it!

May everything about me and this life, give HIM glory

Marius is active in our weekly prayer group and helps with video translations.