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Want us to do a creative evangelism event or show? Want us to do a show at your school, church, or community event? Want us to fill in and give you a break for a Sunday or midweek service and encourage other believers to be bold and creative in sharing Jesus with others? We love to preach the Word and make Jesus known, in both formal and non-traditional settings.

A few options as to what we can do at your location or event:

Evangelistic shows for churches, fairs, community events, retreats, youth groups and conferences, etc. -- Chris is a world-record holding professional juggler. Sterling is in Guinness and Twin Galaxies publications for his DDR world records and is an ordained pastor. Various others involved have various other talents -- rap, spoken word, etc. Point being -- We are very versatile in giftings and can use our various talents to glorify God in an evangelistic show, and the constants are that we will make a clear Gospel presentation and that we will give an evangelistic invitation if we have the latitude. If not, we will either wear blatant evangelistic gear and/or witness to others before and after the show! Our goal in any location is to be God's representatives.

NOTE: If you deem a talent or skillset that is not appropriate for your show (e.g. DDR, Rap, Juggling), let us know and we can adjust accordingly.

Creative Illustrations -- If you have seen our Cross Allegiance videos (, you know that we love to illustrate the Gospel CLEARLY and with CREATIVE means.

Exegetical preaching (e.g. Sermons) -- Sterling enjoys sharing Jesus to any congregation. He is the pastor of a start-up church in this season, so fill out a form for availability, as well. If you are going on vacation or need a break, or if you simply want Sterling to bring a message from the heart of God or a testimony of God's work in his life to your church, fill out a form below and we will try to coordinate something with you.

School shows -- We can also discuss practical learning tips and matters of how to live life excellently. e.g. one of our members was Valedictorian in two graduating classes at NC State University (4.0 GPA), led the student body at his seminary, and won many awards of excellence throughout his schooling and athletic endeavors. This is best in conjunction with an evangelistic allowance.

BEST BOOKING POLICY: In interest of keeping costs down, we also like to coordinate with multiple churches in the area, especially in cases of traveling out-of-state! If we can do multiple shows within a cluster of days, that is optimal, so we encourage you to coordinate these events with other churches that could benefit in the same region.

Cost: We do not carry a specific price tag. If you can't afford and we have enough funds and availability, we can possibly do it for free. If you can cover our traveling, housing, and food costs/needs, super! If you can give over and above that, we will use that as a blessing as well as we will bless others in future shows as a result.

Contacts and Booking Info/Availability: ** Fill out the form below! ** Any specific questions can also be sent via email to Sterling Franklin, or Chris Fowler,

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Any specific questions can also be sent via email to Sterling Franklin, or Chris Fowler,


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