(C) 2013-2014, Sterling C. Franklin

(Freeware, try it out! Updates are optional and can be done through the Options menu. See Change Log at the bottom of the page for version updates)

TurboBible is an ultra-fast Bible reader and concordance search application for Windows and Android 4+ devices, and even more, it's FREE! TurboBible uses lookup tables, optimized binary search algorithms, and complex string manipulation that allows you to read and search the entirety of Scripture in a very fast manner. When you want to read or search Scripture, you don't want to wait a full minute to get to the program, and you shouldn't need to have full internet connectivity to access the Word of God. TurboBible is a very streamlined reader with a flexible and powerful concordance search.

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Features for TurboBible for Windows (Android version is a condensed port of the Windows application):

- Powerful and Flexible Concordance Search: Use wildcards in any major place in the word (e.g. Chu*aim results in Chushanrishathaim, *ose* returns many results like Hosea and Moses, etc.), multiple terms, compound searches, etc.

- Search types:
(1) "Moses and Aaron": Searches for exact text.
(2) Moses Aaron: Multi-term search -- Searches for both terms, provides combination of results in addition to single-term results (no commas or "and" term required).
(3) Mo*es *aron Miria*: Wildcards in various places of the word will give a range of matching results.

- Search ranges: Search through Entire Bible, different sections of Scripture (e.g. Gospels, Wisdom Literature, etc.), or individual books.

- Customization of User Interface: Scale it large to use it on a projector or large screen, or scale it small to see more of the Bible text and search windows. Size each section to your tastes with the slider.

- Zoom in and out of each window to your preferences, and choose whether or not to keep the zoom each search or not. Great for teaching purposes on a projector or large screen when you need to zoom in on a phrase or set of results.

- Personal Notes: Export and Import notes on various passages -- copy and paste from either the Bible Reader or the Concordance Search, or add your own notes for study or sermon use. Supports Bullet points, Multiple Fonts, Highlighting, Alignment, as well as hot-searches with the right-click menu. Supports both Text and RTF formats.

- Verse list results: View references of a term or the detailed verse list of all results of a search.

- Custom verse formatting: Set location of reference, choose whether or not to abbreviate the book name, and customize the font and colors of your searches.

Copyright Info: All code and the program TurboBible are copyrighted with all rights reserved by Sterling C. Franklin. The contents within are all public domain (translations) and self-generated (concordance) and bear no fees or restrictions to the copyright holder or the user. TurboBible is completely free to use, download, and share with others. Donations to support the author's work and future ministry are welcome, but not required.

TurboBible uses a ClickOnce install and automatically checks for updates. Click Smart Install to run the installer from our web server, or if your Anti-Virus does not allow web installs, download the .ZIP file manually to run the setup program --
Smart Install
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System Requirements
If you don't have these, TurboBible for Windows will check for these and install them when downloading:

  • Windows Installer 3.1 - 10 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (x86 and x64) - 250 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Outside of those two, the system requirements for TurboBible are as follows:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Hard Drive Space: 7 MB (yes, the program itself is very small)

  • TurboBible for Android will require the following:

  • System: Android 3.0+, 4.0+ recommended
  • Storage: 10 MB
  • Availability
  • TurboBible for Windows is in a fully usable state, though not yet in a Release Candidate form. View the changelog below for full updates on development. While there are a few bugs left to fix from the last version, most improvements at this point are cosmetic.

  • TurboBible Ultra for Windows is in the works, with multiple translations, parallel view for comparison, and other commentary modules for Bible study. This will also be free, but will be a much larger download.
  • TurboBible for Android is in progress, though most progress will be done once TB-Win is in Release Candidate form.
  • Change Log